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Dr. Joseph R. Greenberg has been my dentist for decades. This means that I am totally pleased with his dental and personal skills, and his office staff and management.. Yesterday, I was treated by his new associate, Dr. Patei, and I was also satisfied with him.


Julie Berkowitz

It was a very pleasant experience.  Dr. Patel explained the process as he was going.  Would definitely recommend.


Rikesh Patel

Excellent treatment and genuine concern for my well being.


Lloyd Goodman

Dr. Greenberg is excellent.  His whole staff are extremely competent and very nice.  Would definitely recommend them .


Bobbi Scheffler

Recently got some work done by Dr Greenberg and have been very satisfied with the service and treatment. Having met Dr Patel who has joined the practice,  I wish him well and much success.


Brian Korff

I have known Joe for 40 years as a friend and professional colleague. Yes I'm a dentist. When I needed to correct my smile, I knew Joe would give me the result I was looking for. The work was completed a few weeks ago,  and I am extremely pleased with the result. Thanks, Joe, Great Job. 


Brian M. Korff

I'm a loyal customer, having entrusted my pearly whites to Dr. Greenberg for over 30 years! He is highly experienced, professional and does not overtreat. The office is well located, beautiful and well managed. The staff is friendly and competent, and you are well taken care of starting with Mrs. Dyanne Greenberg's charming greeting at the front desk. A top flight operation and I'm looking forward to many more years of patronage.


Lee Anthony

Dr Greenberg is a true artist I am very pleased with my veneers and crowns.



It’s an old house converted to a dentist office. Very comfortable and homey. Service was so great and warm. They also bent over backwards for me on multiple occasions. I would recommend bringing the whole family here!


Stephen Grier

I was very impressed with Dr. Greenberg. He is experienced in the latest dental techniques and fully explains why he recommends procedures to be done. I recently had two old fillings replaced. It was completely painless; I didn't even feel the stick of the novacaine needle.
The office is very welcoming and the staff very nice and professional.



I have been going to Dr. Greenberg and his staff for the last 3 years. From Invisalign to crowns to cleanings, each visit has been delightful. Each procedure and check up have been so very pleasant. Diane is always there to greet me with a smile and help me with insurance and reminders. It is truly a calming experience which is almost silly to say considering it’s a dentist office. But truly, it is. Thank you Dr. Greenberg and staff!


Katie Harvey

Wanda & Ron,
I've been using Dr. Greenberg's services for 17 yrs.  My husband, even longer.  From the time you arrive at his scenic Villanova location and enter the lovely waiting room you will be surrounded by friendly, caring & highly trained professionals.  The atmosphere is warm & welcoming and the service is absolutely the best!


Ronald Agre

I have always been one of those typical people terrified of the dentist. Sound of the drill and all. The day came where I needed a root canal performed....(shivers) Dr. Joe not only consoled me but helped to walk me through exactly what would be happening, and what to expect. As terrified as I was I can not begin to thank Dr. Joe enough for giving me courage and faith that everything would be ok. Fantastic dentist, and even better human being!


Sean Blizard

Dr Greenberg and his staff are simply excellent. I couldn’t be more pleased with the dental care I receive and the friendly courteous manner in which I’m treated by everyone in the office.


Marc Policarpo

I've been seeing Dr. Greenberg for my dental needs for some 10 years and am very satisfied with his and his staff's knowledge, professionalism and affability. I would like to pay less, but the fact that I have never had a bad result keeps me returning year after year. I highly recommend this dental practice.


Sheri Friedman

Being a patient of Dr. Greenberg's for the past five years has shown me that a visit to his dental office need not be feared, but should be welcomed instead. The compassion and dedication exhibited throughout the office is a revelation.



Just had 2 temporary crowns inserted today, and Dr. Greenberg did a masterful job. He and his assistant Mary Ann worked together seamlessly to complete this arduous procedure with a minimum of discomfort to me. I knew I was in the hands of top professionals. Thank you, Joe!


Bonnie Treegoob

I recently needed to replace a crown on a front tooth and a temporary was installed while the crown was being made. Several days later, the stub of tooth under the temp broke. Dr. Greenberg was extraordinarily creative in using an adjacent tooth to support the new crown. In addition he installed a thin, short wire into  an etched space in back of the two front teeth to help stabilize the new crown. I grew up with a dental phobia because novacaine had not yet been invented, slow drills, etc. Dr. Greenberg's professionalism, experience and skill helped me overcome this phobia. I have all the confidence in the world in his recommendations for treatment and the execution of that plan. I have been a patient of Dr. Greenberg for over 20 years and hope to continue for another 20 plus years.


Don Gleklen

I can’t put into words how unique Dr. Greenberg’s practice is.  I have been a patient for over 5 years now, and I’m still so impressed by how warm and caring the Dr. and all of his staff are.  They go above and beyond to care for their patients.  They take the time to get to know you personally.  They always return calls promptly, and they are very accommodating.  For example, my aunt had a dental emergency last night when a crown on her front tooth fell out, leaving her toothless just days before Christmas.  She was unable to reach her own dentist in NJ.  On a whim, I called to see Dr. Greenberg’s office would be open today (Saturday).  To my surprise, the Dr.’s wife, Dianne, answered the phone on a Friday night. She told me that the office was closed on Saturday, but she put me on hold while she told Dr. Greenberg what happened.  The Dr. offered to go to his office on Saturday morning just to help my aunt.  He had guests coming to his home that day for the holidays, but he still made time to see her to provide a temporary treatment that will enable her to get through Christmas without a missing front tooth!  That kind of compassion and patient-centric care is simply rare.  I feel so fortunate to have found Dr. Greenberg and his team.



Because Dr. Greenberg receives great satisfaction in continuing to educate himself in the latest advances in dentistry which he then take great pride in providing to his patients through his exceptional talents and skills, with primer cosmetic dentistry solutions. I have been very grateful and appreciative of his efforts in helping me to maintain my health and smile.


Richard A Lilly

Dr. Greenberg has been my dentist for 10+ years now. I trust and respect his opinion, knowledge and expertise. I always receive great care in his office, especially from one of his hygienists, Joy. She is friendly, gentle, very thorough and has her patient's best interest in mind.


Mary Ann Valentino

I have been a patient for over 20 years and am totally satisfied with the work that Dr. Greenberg has done for me. I have had other specialist dentists inquire about the quality bridges that Dr. Greenberg have created for me.


Edward and Linda Kubala

Dr. Greenberg offers beautiful dental and cosmetic work in a lovely, comfortable setting.  His staff is well-trained, the atmosphere is friendly and respectful,   techniques and equipment state of the art.  From initial phone call to first meeting and later departure,  I have felt welcomed and in good hands in a very special setting.  Dr. Greenberg's office manager /receptionist also deserves much appreciation for her smooth handling of the practice.


Patricia M

Dr. Greenberg is knowledgeable and caring.
I have been a patient for over 30 years. Outstanding dentist!


Ellie Friedman

I was embarrassed to smile before Dr. Greenberg covered my 2 front teeth with gorgeous veneers! One front tooth had chipped and one had moved apart with age. This was a way to fix the entire problem!! He's an artist and I look so much younger!!!❤


Sharlyn Cohen

Dr. Greenberg is an ARTIST!! I had the pleasure of being a part of his team and also a patient. God has blessed him with a wonderful craft! Joe definitely cares about putting long lasting smiles on his Patients faces...
Peace and Love to you Dr G and much continued success to you and your staff..


Anisa Porter

I had a wonderful experience choosing this place. Friendly staff. They made me feel comfortable and was in and out in no time. I highly recommend going to this place for any dental work. 5 star service! You won't be disappointed.


Tim Miaczynski

I have had a lot of dental care in my life from highly rated practitioners throughout the U.S., but I have never experienced the kind of skill and dedication that Dr. Greenberg has demonstrated during the 16 years that I have been his patient. I have a long history of periodontal disease.  Through careful reconstruction and regular follow-up, he has been able to stabilize my teeth and gums so that I no longer have any bleeding or discomfort. At 80 years of age, I realize that good dental care is vitally important in maintaining my health, vitality, and appearance. I am very fortunate that my family recommended Dr. Greenberg when I moved to this area.



Joe has been my dentist for a good many years.
and, i recommend him most highly as a caring
and expert professional. you will be well served
in calling for his assistance.


Earl Morgan

Have been coming here since a child for my Maryland bridge. Comforting office and extremely knowledgeable Dr. All staff exceptional and I trust no one else when it comes to my smile.


Samuel Rye

Joe Greenberg is top notch and very concerned with his patients satisfaction. Highly recommend his practice.


Susan Wheeler

I am so glad I found Dr. Joseph Greenberg to take care of my dental work! Dr. Greenberg and his staff were professional, caring, and the quality of his work is top notch. He definitely has my recommendation! Thank you again!


Alexandra Markowski

I had a wonderful experience choosing this place. Friendly staff. They made me feel comfortable and was in and out in no time. I highly recommend going to this place for any dental work. 5 star service! You won't be disappointed.


Tim Miaczynski

I've practiced dental hygiene for 29 years and I haven't had a dentist able to fix my anterior teeth until now. Dr. Greenberg did an amazing job with  my "black hole" between my two front teeth. I'm very particular, and he was very meticulous and precise. I could not be happier with the results. I, without a doubt, would most highly recommend Dr. Joe Greenberg!


Joy Jones

Dr. Greenberg is probably the best dentist I've ever been to. We have moved a lot, so I've had to change dental practices often. He is always up-to-date on the latest technology, is easy to talk to and alway concerned about the patient's comfort. I highly recommend him. An added perk - the entire staff is friendly and highly competent too!


S.C. Villanova, PA

We have been patients of Dr. Greenberg since he began his practice many years ago and have always had the very best dental care from him and his office. When I had a dental emergency in Florida the dentist I saw remarked that Dr. Greenberg's work looked to be excellent as did a periodontist I saw in Florida. We highly recommend Dr. Greenberg as a caring, thorough dentist of the highest competency and a caring, fine human being.


Ann Green Frankel

When we look for services in the healthcare field, especially for dentistry, our search often falls flat; hindered by some reservation or discomforting aspect of care, be it cost, bedside manner, quality of work, accessibility, or other considerations. It is no paltry task finding a dentist that checks all the boxes. Luckily for you, the search ends here. Enter Dr. Joseph Greenberg, a Doctor of exceptional pedigree, an honest professional, but above all, a good man. His positions as a professor of dentistry at UPenn, the team dentist for the Sixers, and his brimming high-end clientele illustrate the quality of work he provides, and further, the experience that stands behind it. Such experience translates into a happy mouth, to which I can personally attest. Let’s start with care: comparing the care I’ve received from Dr. Greenberg to other dentists I’ve received care from is not possible in the same breath. Suffice it to say, every procedure is executed with precision, and  the utmost attention. Importantly, Dr. Greenberg is pro-active, but not aggressively so. He straddles the line between care and cost with ease, ensuring that all potential issues are accounted for, acting when he knows what the projected outcome will be, choosing instead to watch other issues which it would be either premature to address, or which he anticipates will resolve in time. He has never been mistaken. This type of expertise is truly unique, it saves your mouth from suffering, and it saves your wallet much in the same fashion. This is the type of Doctor you want in your corner. Now, I mentioned honesty – that’s of pivotal importance in medicine, and Dr. Joe has it in spades. You’ll always receive a full explanation of all treatment, and never have any treatment or procedures pushed on you arbitrarily, pleasantly leaving the salesmanship aspect of care conspicuously absent. His goal is only your health, not his wealth, and he is quite passionate about the former, taking as much time as necessary to sit with you and talk through things. If you have a busy schedule, or live far away, he and his office will make it work for you, despite their busy schedule. Just this past week, I had to have a few cavities removed, after discovering them in a routine cleaning. I live far away, so Dr. Greenberg fit me right in, then and there. Amazing. Lastly, I’ll say this, Dr. Greenberg takes his profession to heart, and the boundaries of his care aren’t marked by the office doors. He cares about what’s going on in your life, and how you are doing. For him, it isn’t waiting room banter – it’s important. His office team is warm, loving, and always have smiles on their faces (befitting of a dentist’s office, but surprisingly uncommon!). Bottom line, if you want the care of one of the best dentists in the US that other Dentists look up to, want to ensure your health without any difficulties, and want to be around genuinely good human beings while receiving exceptional treatment, make an appointment with Dr. Joseph Greenberg.


Jared Slipman

As always, Dr. Greenberg did an exceptional job. He was able to fix a chipped tooth better than the previous dentist that tried to fix the same tooth... with terrible results.
We recently moved to Florida and from now on... when I need cosmetic procedures done, I will come up to Pennsylvania or drive five hours to see him in his Florida location!


Kenneth Sanders

Dr. Greenberg has been my dentist for at least 15 years. I’ve had crowns, veneers, fillings and multiple surgical procedures for receding gums. Dr. Greenberg and his staff have always been professional, friendly, and competent. I trust Dr. Greenberg and his staff and would recommend Dr. Greenberg without hesitation.


Laura Goetsch

As a dentist and perfectionist, there are few people that I would trust to work on my teeth. I turned to Dr. Greenberg when I wanted work done. As his former student, I knew of his excellent clinical skills. When I entered his office, I was impressed by even more. His entire staff is pleasant and welcoming. The office is beautiful. He took care of not only my main complaint, but he looked at my mouth as a whole to re-create a well-balanced smile. Rather than look at one tooth, he sees the whole picture. He takes the time to listen so that he can meet the needs of the patient. He pays great attention to detail and created a smile for me that was both esthetic and functional. I regularly interact with dental professionals, and I do not have to hide my smile because Dr. Greenberg was able to make mine look so natural. He is a highly skilled practitioner and very kind and gentle with patients. Dr. Greenberg is one of the best in the field, and I would highly recommend him to all of my family and friends!


Janine Musheno

Dr. Greenberg is the most gentle and thorough dentist I've ever been to. Your comfort is his top priority. You will never feel rushed, by his staff or him personally. Quality and skill are their speciality.


Adrienne Richman

By far the best and most thorough cleaning I've ever had! I spent the rest of the day running my tongue over my teeth amazed at how smooth and clean they felt.

Dr Greenberg and everyone else in the office made me feel right at home. Plus, whoever decided to have Sawyer the terrier in the waiting room is a genius. All dentists should have friendly dogs! Nothing can get you to forget dental anxiety like a friendly dog.

David Neely

Our dental care by Dr. Greenberg and his staff has always been friendly,professional,considerate and caring.The results of my care have been spectacular.


Lydia Savadove

I have needed extensive dental work over the past few years. I could not have been in better hands than those of Dr. Greenberg and his staff. I trust Dr. Greenberg unequivocally, and every member of his staff has been outstanding. I am extremely pleased with my experience with this practice.


Audra McCarthy

I have been a patient of Dr. Greenberg's for many years. He is a top notch dentist. Excellent eye for cosmetic dentistry but is also a terrific general dentist. The office staff and environment is wonderful. Going to this dentist is a wonderful experience. I highly recommend him.



Dr. Greenberg's warm and caring manner of treating patiients is eclipsed only by his professional ability to deal with a wide variety of dental issues. The staff is wonderful, the care is even better. Even though I no longer live in the area, I "make the drive" because of the exceptional care.

Sally Silver

Excellent service that was very thorough & comfortable.
Plus, unusual for a doctor's office, negligible wait time to get treated.


Lloyd Goodman

If you love (or want to love) your smile, then Dr. Greenberg is the dentist for you! I have used Dr. Greenberg for over 10 years with complete satisfaction. I knew I needed a smile makeover when I first came and I wasn't disappointed. Not only is his aesthetic work great, his technicians who do the regular cleaning and maintenance are excellent and friendly as is his reception and scheduling!


Lisa Scheller

I've been a patient of Dr. Greenberg for many years.  First met him at the University of Pennsylvania where he was a group leader in the Dental School.  It was very clear from the beginning that he was a very talented doctor and it is why I've kept with his practice for 30 years.


Thomas Malone

I don't typically write reviews but Dr. Greenberg and his team are simply outstanding! From the moment you call on the phone or walk through the door, Dr. Joe's wife Diane greets you with sincerity and warmth. The hygienist Joy makes you feel comfortable and does an excellent job - even takes time to praise good hygiene (rather than the experience I've had with other offices giving nothing but a doom and gloom report on dental health). Over the years I have found myself paying for dental care two times over because of shotty work. So in looking for a new Dr I searched high and low to find the best- Dr. Joseph Greenberg. Alas when I came to Dr. Joe I quickly realized he will be my dentist for life. He is not only a talented dentist but he is a true artist as well as a kind, caring, charitable and all around good man. He is simply the best! There are far too many doctors disguising themselves as aesthetic dentists these days, but not Dr. Joe. He is the guy writing textbooks and teaching other dentists the art and science of quality dentistry. I feel so fortunate to have found Dr. Joe and look forward to showing off his artistry in my mouth for years to come. I can't help but want to tell the world about him!



Joe is a wonderful teacher, leader in the community and a caring dentist. His talents have pleased his patients for decades. He is terrific dentist.


Dr. Louis E. Rossman, DMD

I endorse this periodontist/prosthodontist. Dr. Greenberg is very knowledgeable and wonderful with patients.


Dr. LynAnn Mastaj, DMD

I endorse this dentist. Dr. Greenberg is an exceptional dental specialist and always a pleasure to work with as I know the patients will have not only the best possible dental treatment but wonderful personalized care.


Dr. Scott K. Smith, DDS

Dr. Greenberg is a highly competent practitioner. We have worked on numerous dental implant cases producing excellent results.


Dr. John Whytosek, DDS

I am almost 75 yrs old and Dr. Greenberg has been my dentist for almost 25 yrs and always great care and great results.


Rick Greene

This appointment was for a general hygientist visit.  As a patient of Dr. Greenberg's for the past 30+ years I feel qualified to make the statement that Joy was, by far, the most professional hygientist that I've experienced in many years.  She was informative, thorough and very gentle, with a superb attitude and warm smile.  I hope to be in her care for 30 more years!


Chuck Schwartz

My true nemesis in life has always been the dental chair/procedures/sounds!
Unfortunately, that fear escalated in intensity, flared by the need for endless repair, all of which too often was done in a hap/hazard manner. Needless to say, with that back history, you can well imagine my level of anxiety when I found myself in a dental dilemma while visiting my daughter in Philadelphia.
Immediate resourcing/personal recommendations uncovered a true "diamond" in your midst -- internationally renowned Dr. Joseph R. Greenberg.
My dental dilemma revolved around my six "crowned" front teeth with additional restoration necessary throughout. I immediately entered his care. I have had an extraordinary experience being the recipient of Dr.Greenberg's
natural creative/intellectual talents. I have been enormously impressed with his kind/polite/gentle demeanor throughout an extended period of complicated/close to "painless" procedures. I am extremely excited about the noted "smile journey" -- even at the age of 75, the completion will be the "turning of the page"--"ugly ducklings" REALLY do turn into "smiling swans" when touched by Dr. Greenberg's "magic!"  I am eternally grateful
as Dr. Greenberg has "refashioned" my image/confidence/life!


Lo Killinger ---- Grosse Pointe, Michigan

I have been going to Dr. Greenberg for almost 20 years.  He is exceptional.  He stays very leading edge on dental practices and technology.  I would highly recommend him and his team.


Eliza Scherrer

Today was my first visit with Dr. Greenberg & his staff. My  dental issues are signifigant , they made me feel comfortable without judgement and came up with a great dental plan that works for me. Everyone is very professional, the office setting has a terrific relaxing mood. I am walking out with teeth today & thrilled!!!


C. McGinley

When I was in 5th grade, kids teased me because of the large gap between my two front teeth.  I was compared to the cartoon character SpongeBob SquarePants.  Fortunately, an Orthodontist was able to fix the gap, but my dental problems did not end there. I was born without two permanent teeth known as the lateral incisors.  These teeth are located in between the central incisors (front teeth) and the canines (fangs). After four years of braces, my Orthodontist recommended Dr. Greenberg to create the needed bridges because of his skill and reputation.  I learned that Dr. Greenberg has two doctoral degrees and invented a better way of bonding bridges.  My Orthodontist told my father that if I was his daughter, he would use Dr. Greenberg.  My father agreed and was willing to spend a little more to make my smile what it is today!  Thank you Dr. Greenberg.


Jessica Franklin

I am so grateful that I found Dr. Greenberg a few years ago.  The level of service and care that he and his staff provide to their patients is unmatched.  The staff are always friendly and attentive, and they know every patient by name.  Dr. Greenberg's patient-focused manner is something that I feel is sadly lacking in medical practice today.  He has corresponded with me directly via email on multiple occassions to ensure that my questions were answered and my needs were met.  He is also a true artist. The temporary and permanent crowns that he made for me are so well done that even an endodontist thought they were my natural teeth.  I wish that I could clone Dr. Greenberg and have him as my doctor for all specialties!



Careful, precise work, professional staff, pleasant atmosphere.
Dr. Greenberg is also responsive to questions and concerns. 


Patricia M

Through the course of 36 years that I have been with Dr. Greenberg, he has always been meticulous and always a perfectionist when working on my mouth.  He has bonded with perfection and you can not distinguish between my bonded and non bonded teeth.  His crowns are a work-of-art.  Dr. Greenberg is a class act and there is no one I would allow work on my teeth but Dr. Greenberg.  Dr. Greenberg's staff is professional and very accomodating.


Janna S

My family has been under the care of Dr. Greenberg for many years, and we have had excellent experiences with him and his staff.


James Hartling

Dr. Greenberg and his staff are friendly and great at what they do. I always leave with a wonderful experience and very happy teeth.


Michele Fitzgerald

For the last twenty years i have been coming to see Dr. Joseph Greenberg , he is professional, a gentleman  but most important he is the rolls royce of dentist ! really . my experiences are always handled with the utmost care and precision. the staff is excellent and everyone who is at the office are of the highest standard. thanks for all the care you have given to me.


Amy Rosen

Dr. Greenberg always does an excellent job and performs painless procedures. As an anesthesiologist for over 20 years, I  recognize his superior nerve block technique and his outstanding level of patient care. I would recommend him highly to anyone.


Jessica Jerrard, D.O.

I have been a patient of Dr. Greenberg for many years and his services have always exceeded my expectations in every way.  He always listens carefully to any concerns I have and makes me feel comfortable.  His staff, without exception, is excellent!  Appointments are always on time and it is apparent to anyone who visits him that professionalism and amazing results are the standard. In addition, his offices are decorated like a spa retreat and always make me feel welcome and relaxed.  I actually enjoy my visits!  I give the highest recommendation to Dr. Greenberg!


Kelly Molitor

My experience at Dr. Greenberg's office has been excellent.  I am very pleased with the work which has been performed by Dr. Greenberg and wold recommend his professionalism to any one.


Elke McLaughlin

The whole team is fantastic. I had no idea what to expect when I signed up for invisaline but the outcome exceeded any expectations. Couldn't be happier.
Explanations of all procedures are clear and concise and you can just tell everyone cares deeply about service and patient care. Would recommend Dr. Greenberg and his colleagues to everyone. Been to a number of dentist's offices over many years. This the best.


Ed Clancy

I came to Dr. Greenberg a year ago with several issues. He tackled them all and kept me calm throughout, which was a feat in itself! I am thrilled with my new, natural smile. I used to smile with my mouth closed to hide my teeth, now I just smile!
Thank you


Candia Barry

Dr. Greenberg and staff make the experience of getting a new crown straightforward and painless.  The end result is a natural looking, natural feeling and functional tooth.  I feel myself to be in expert hands and that is a great relief!


Terri Lustic

Dr. Greenberg and his office are the absolute best! Even though I no longer live in PA, I still try to fit in a visit when I'm in town. The staff are amazing - so friendly and always helpful - and include an adorable little pup to keep you company in the waiting room. As someone who has struggled with teeth and gum issues, I always know that I am in good hands with Dr. G.



I have been a patient and now friend for many years and he and his staff are the best!  Cordial, kind, gentle and always professional and always available in an emergency.  I have total confidence being in his care.


Ann Frankel

I recently had somewhat extensive dental work by Dr. Greenberg and was reminded all over again why I appreciate him and his excellent staff so much.  I'm a very reluctant dental patient and am always calmed by knowing through years of experience that Dr. Greenberg is outstanding in both his knowledge and skill.   That means a lot when I'm sitting in that chair!



My recent dental appointment, as usual, was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Dr. Greenberg and his staff members are all so friendly, professional and accommodating. They make the dental experience a wonderful one.


Frank Henninger

I have been coming to see Dr. Greenberg for years.  I am always extremely happy with the work he and his staff do.  I would highly recommend them. 


John Fawthorp

A patient of Dr. Greenberg's since 1991, I've referred my husband, children, mother, and sister to him for his perfectionist care.  He produces a perfect bite, perfect look, perfect fit.  His whole staff educates you about perfect care at home, and you buy into his high standard when you see the results.  He is, in addition, an exceedingly kind person.


Sally Saunders

Dr Greenberg has done fabulous work taking great care of my dental health. I would highly recommend him!!


Jeff Corson

Been coming to Dr. Greenberg for 15 years and it has always been a good experience with no muss or fuss getting something taken care of that is not always something to looking forward to. Great staff and pleasant office environment. Recommended.


Greg S

Dr. Greenberg was recommended to me by my TMJ doctor from Penn......that was over 10 years ago.  What a find!  He understands the importance of dentistry as it affects  total health and well being.  Anyone that suffers from TMJ issues knows the impact of having any dental work.  I can't say enough about the care  as well as the entire staff.  They are a great group of people!


Kay Gluckman

I have known Joe for over 35 years.  He is a caring and skilled dentist.  More than that he is a generous human being.


Judy Jackson

Wendi, my dental hygienist, did a wonderful job taking a full panel of X-rays.  My gag reflex hates things in the back of my mouth and she was attentive, fast, and great through the whole process.


Dr. Jennifer Jackson Holden

I have been a patient of Dr. Greenberg for 7 years now and am very happy with my dental home.  My dental health has never been better.  I owe this to the knowledge and care I have received from Dr. Greenberg and his excellent hygienists, Kerri and Wendy.  As an orthodontic patient for 4 years, I needed consistent and frequent dental cleanings and check-ups, they attended to all my needs. I have complete confidence in Dr. and all his staff, so much so I have even brought my family into his practice.  


M. Valentino

Dr. Greenberg is a highly professional, detail-oriented expert.  I am consistently impressed by his dedication to absolute superb care from start to finish.  As one example, he is consistently able to administer Novocaine with virtually no pain or even sensitivity.  For this particular procedure, he spent considerable time getting the final result exactly right.  Could not ask for more in a highly skilled dentist.


Jonathan Doh

Was a great experience with the doctor.  Thorough and reassuring!


Aaron Becker

It's always a "pleasure" even if it is a visit to the dentist.


Lawrence Brown

Dr. Greenberg really saved me when I needed it most. I would recommend him highly.



I have been a patient of Dr Greenberg for 37 years, which certainly speaks to his expertise and the service of his wonderful support staff.



I have known Dr. Greenberg for over 7 years and I am thoroughly impressed by his dental knowledge and care and concern for his patients.  I have referred multiple patients to him  and will continue to do so as the years go on.  I recommend him with the utmost confidence.


Len Tau

After a lengthy procedure, there was absolutely no pain, no soreness, no TMJ response at all. This is the result of excellent dental care! Thank you.   


L Pressman

Dr. Greenberg is a very gifted practitioner. Since I first was fortunate enough to have been
under his care (since 1988) my husband has teased that I go to the dentist to the stars!
And my beautifully crafted smile will give creedence to that! I am very appreciative to have had this high level of expertise and caring.


M. E. Simon

I came in to have a cap replaced and cavity underneath repaired , very nervous patient . With the  expert help of Dr. Greenberg and Marianne"s patience all went well and I lived thru the experience today . I would highly recommend the Dr. Greenberg team and they  exceed the five star rating always !!! 


Tom Heenan

For the last 28 years, I have been a thrilled patient of Dr Greenberg's.  This is a careful, caring, very well trained,  dentist with consistent excellent results.  He and his staff are a very detail oriented and careful practice. They make certain the work performed has exceeded my expectations. In that I am very conscientious as to who touches my teeth, and demand perfection, I am most fortunate to have found him.  Anyone in need of  dental care would be the lucky beneficiary of Dr Greenberg's painless anesthesia. In that I have a great fear of needles, and medical procedures, in general, this is a tremendous benefit.  I am painfully aware of other people's poor dental care and unattractive teeth.  I hope they read this and rush to try and get an appointment with this most special of cosmetic specialist.  I have sent my adult children and friends to Dr. Greenberg, and they now understand great dentistry and its importance to their appearance.


Marice Bock

My family and I have depended on Joe and his staff for many years, and I can give him my highest, unqualified recommendation. He is highly skilled, experienced and up to date in his field. He has the most modern equipment and uses the best new techniques and products (I am an internist MD and a PhD biomedical engineer). His office is beautiful, his staff is highly professional, courteous, and personable. In addition to his professionalism, he has good character, is a gentleman, active in serving the community, and has a wide circle of friends and contacts. He is a "treasure" to his patients, his friends, and his community.

Forrest Anthony, MD, PhD

For nearly 8 years, I have been using Dr. Greenberg for both routine dentistry as well as for more advance aesthetic work. In both areas, his work is great. The appointments are on time and the results have been excellent. His work is worth my 45 minute drive to his office.


Lisa Scheller

Superb! Dr. G explains and shows everything in a sensible and clear fashion. I received an injection for a filling and didn't even know that he had done it!


David K

Excellent as usual. You have very high standards for my care. Thanks for everything!


Linda C

Dr. Greenberg and his staff are thorough and instill a confidence that you are receiving excellent dental care.


Christine K

My procedure was a lower lip frenectomy and a graft taken from the roof of my mouth for my lower gum. NEVER FELT A THING EXCEPT FOR A SLIGHT PINCH when the novocaine was injected! Followed my instructions to the "T" regarding icing every 20 minutes on and off for 6 hours to reduce pain and swelling. I never even had to take pain medication!! I had the procedure at 2 in the afternoon and was in work the next morning!


Sonja C

Five stars as always. Never enjoyed going to the dentist, but now I do. Positive results have made a significant improvement in my health and appearance.


Marjorie P

Very professional and personable doctor and staff. Always discusses all options and costs upfront.


Lydia S

Terrific! It's always as lovely as a visit to a doctor's office can be.


Margelle L

Dr Greenberg's resume includes the latest techniques, which is why I chose him as my dentist. He is also a great listener, has gentle hands, and his staff is wonderful.



I had my first visit today with the hygienist, Kerri. She explained all that was being done, while being very gentle. As a fearful dental patient, I felt very comfortable and at ease with both her and Dr. Greenberg.



Excellent, professional work, meticulous preparation are the hallmark of Dr. Greenberg's office. It has been like that in all of the many years he has treated us in his practice.


George F

I think that Dr. Greenberg does an outstanding job with creating a incredible smile and his use of veneers and crowns is excellent. Wait times in the office are non-existant and the technicians are very talented and customer service is excellent. If I had to say I had a surprise, it was that when I go to have my teeth cleaned, if the Dr. comes in for even a moment and looks in my mouth, there is a $40 charge for a consult on top of the cleaning, which I hadn't realized. I guess a consumer might not care if insurance covers this, but my insurance covers only 1 regular visit per year and doesn't even cover the cost of the cleaning (though I am happy to pay the premium) because the cleaning is very thorough and I leave with a beautiful smile. When I told my friend about this, (she's not a Greenberg client), she said she wondered if this is a common practice among dentists.


Lisa S

I have been going to Dr. Greenberg for 20 years. He is kind, gentle and excellent at his craft. His staff is very professional and caring. He has the best hygienist ever! She is very thorough. I always recommend Dr. Greenberg to my friends and acquaintances.


Sally Young

I had a very informative and thorough initial consultation. The secretary and staff were very friendly and helpful.



Great service as always. My teeth and gums are better now than they have been for the past 10 years. Outstanding care.


Marjorie P

As usual, the excellent, through cleaning and exam and explanation to all questions makes for a very comforting experience.


Marice B

Since childhood, I hate going to the dentist and having my teeth worked on. Terror always comes up regardless of how small or large the procedure is. Unfortunately, I have had a great deal of work over the years. Dr. Greenberg and his staff, from their receptionist, to the hygienist, his dental assistants are wonderful. Warm, supportive and always try and sooth my fears. His work is excellent and his skill level at the top. I highly recommend him and his staff.


+Michael T

Dr. Greenberg and his hygienist Kerri are both outstanding. They are very thorough and ask terrific questions - explaining everything they do. Their interpersonal skills and patient care are 5-star.


William H

As usual, my dental hygiene visit at Dr. Joe Greenberg's office was very comfortable and efficient. Well done!


Frank H

Cleaning was painless + professional. Everyone was nice and kind. Love this office :)


Will W

Hello, team. I enjoyed everything about my visit. I would like some feedback. I left before getting the feedback on the photograph taken to evaluate whether my teeth grinding has deteriorated my teeth further. If I could get a call with further feedback, that would be great! 


Rob J

I have been a patient of Dr. Greenberg for many years and have always been very satisfied with his and his technicians professionalism and dental care. I would wholeheartedly recommend him and his office for dental care.


Richard F

Your office is so pretty and very clean. The directions were easy to follow. The staff were warm and very helpful and couldn't be nicer. Dr. Greenberg is so warm and at the same time is very professional. He also eases my mind and I am not afraid of what is going to happen when he explains everything. I look forward to coming back. Gail K

Gail K

Superb experience; friendly and professional staff, relaxed setting, great care.


Alan D

Staff is warm and welcoming, service is impeccable. Dr. Greenberg is quick and does whatever he can to make patients feel comfortable.



I had gone to several dentists with varying results until I found Dr. Greenberg. He has done an amazing job improving my problem bite and perfecting my smile! My checkups are consistently positive now and, yes, for the first time in my life I actually LIKE going to the dentist.


Melody T

My Hygiene appointment with Kerry was actually a very pleasant experience...meticulous exam, excellent methods, warm treatment and personality was told there will be some new treatment available for my implant posts and I was pleased to make an appt to return for service...ended my appt with the best, had some time to visit with my buddy, Sawyer the Mascot...thank you, 


Barbara C

I love going to Dr. Greenberg's office. Everyone is kind and professional. I know Dr. Greenberg is smart, friendly, and highly skilled and he is a dentist whose opinion I trust. He was a student of one of the best dentist I have ever met in an area that has great dentists. I could not ask for a better experience. I recommend this staff to anyone looking for a great experience!!!


Linda C

The care I received was thorough, medically grounded, and extremely helpful. Dr. Greenberg and his staff are outstanding; he is helping me save a tooth and I learned so much in my first visit about simple things I can do to improve my own dental health than I have learned before. Thank you.



Although my session today was difficult, Dr. Greenberg and the staff did everything to make me feel as comfortable as possible. They were atentive to my pain level and expertly adjusted it as needed. It is wonderful to have a Doctor and Staff who really care.


Heather L

My husband was suffering with severe back pain which didn't allow him to sit without extreme discomfort. Dr. Greenberg and his staff were very caring and provided a "lying down" experience which allowed for the work to be done with a minimum of discomfort. Thanks for who you are and all you do..



Had concerns and was kindly reassured and know that my overall health is considered and truly enjoy going ...Dr. Greenberg is up to the minute on treatment options the staff is lovely, quality of service is excellent, environment superior and Sawyer is a bonus.



Once again, I had a wonderful dental experience at Dr. Joe Greenberg's office. Wendy is the best! What a thorough and pleasant dental cleaning and examination. All of my friends should be going to see this dental practice.


Frank H

Provided great service as always and on time as well.


Feme L

I had an excellent cleaning and scaling experience with Holly on April


Bonnie T

Dr. Greenberg and his staff are the "best of the best". Always appreciate the fine care!


Denise J

Great work, teeth much brighter, learned alot about tooth care. I'm going out now for a Hot Fudge Sunday to celebrate. Please don't tell Dr. G.


Dean D

As has always been my experience at Dr. Greenberg's office, I was well taken care of by all the staff members, and had a very comfortable and thorough dental experience.


Frank H

ask and he can do it,....even if seems impossible!!!!!


Beth T

Both my husband and I appreciated the thoroughness, professionalism and knowledge of the doctor and staff.



am vry plased that Dr. saved my teeth and really worked harde.


Elaine B

Great - my hygenist was very friendly and efficient. Great job.


Andrew D

Excellent; everything was great! I highly recommend Dr. Greenberg and his staff.


Rita K

Excellent service and advice, as always. I appreciate Dr. Greenberg's proactive approach to my problems.


Marjorie P

Dr Greenberg is simply fantastic. He is such a gifted dentist and artist.


Carol T

How lucky I am to have the opportunity to be associated with Dr Greenberg and his staff. From the moment I walk in and am warmly greeted, through the excellent dental cleaning and exam, and the purchase of any wanted care items (they have great ones if you need any), this is a top notch dental practice. Dr Greenberg is careful to make sure my teeth are in the condition we expect and gives me any necessary counsel.


Marice b

Dr. Greenberg's standard of excellence is evident from the time you open the door and are greeted by his smiling portrait to the moment you prepare to leave and are reassured with "We'll be checking on you to see how you're doing!" The professionalism, skill and compassion of every staff member is the epitome of quality service!



Great! Dr. Greenberg is a dentist plus; the plus is the great staff and Sawyer!


Rita K

Keri did a nice job cleaning my teeth, reviewing the X-rays and keeping me informed what she was working on. She has a gentle touch with the instruments.


Robert S

I find my visit is always pleasant. I fell very welcome and at eaze


Janet W

As pleasant a dental office can be! TLC and the best dental care known to mankind! Thank you!


Margelle L

She was very pleasant, she encouraged me at the end to use my electric toothbrush , as the hygienist always does. But.... when she was giving out your samples at the end she said, " no toothbrush for you, you have to use your electric one". For some reason, how she handled it worked, I'm using my electric brush when at home, may even get a travel one. Thanks for being at the top of your game.


Christine K

Practice continues it's outstanding commitment to patient service by quickly providing appointment to handle an unplanned dental need. Special note to appointment scheduling, the practice staff who handled setting up the appointment was a pleasure to work with, as always and is the reason I and my family would never consider dental service from any other practice.


Robert S

Dr. Greenberg and staff received a call from me at 8:30am that my breakfast had dislodged an old crown. Even though I was in no pain and it was not an emergency, Loraine worked me in immediately and by 10:00am I was in a chair. By 10:30am, I was back at work.



While in S. Florida I experienced severe pain, called Dr. Greenberg who referred me to an endodontist he had checked out before. Because of his respect for Dr. Greenberg,the endodontist took me the next morning and I was then able to safely fly back to Phila and get an appointment to see Dr. Greenberg for a new crown two days later. As always, his work and attention to my needs was exceptional.


Richard F

It's great to be back!!! The staff and Dr. Greenberg met my expectations and beyond! Superior care! Superior results!


Sonja C

Excellent service is provided in a squeaky clean environment by professionals who are also obviously people-oriented and pleasant.



I loved my last dentist and I dreaded find a new one after he retired. But Dr Greenberg has made my transition a perfect experience. His manner, his experience, training and expertise are stellar. His hygiene person, Kerri,is gentle and thorough, and the staff are welcoming and down-to-earth. (Not easy to find this on THE MAIN LINE.) The office is beautiful and sunny, too.



Excellent! I had a wonderful experience, as always. I know I am getting the best care and I always feel confident before and after any procedure. I love the atmosphere at the office (I would love to just sit in the waiting room and read a book with a cup of coffee) and I very much appreciate how all my appointments are always on time.


Kelly M

I leave Dr. Greenberg & staff with not only healthier teeth, but also a smile on my face. The kindness, energy, competence, & attention of this office is rare and highly appreciated. I am pregnant and everyone was well prepared to accommodate, explain helpful products, offer suggestions, and listen to my concerns. The new dental hygienist Holly was excellent! Thank you!



The entire staff of Dr. Greenberg's practice are always so willing to go that extra mile in helping patients have a pleasant experience when then come for service. And for us, this didn't stop with dentistry.


Ronald A

the care and kindness is unparalleled have been a patient for 25 years - villanova, pa



Teeth cleaned efficiently. Friendly atmosphere. Appreciate Brind recommendation and will follow up.


Eleanor B

"Going to the dentist" as negative saying has been reversed by you. I actually look forward to it.


Lloyd G

All personnel are both professional and "people-oriented," making the entire experience pleasant. Dentistry is top-notch.


Deborah G

Outstanding service and superior treatment by dental hygienist.



It was great. I highly recommend Dr Greenberg to all.


Jason B

Wendy was wonderful, as usual. Thanks for such personalized, professional care. Alan


Alan D

Once again, an excellent experience with a talented dentist and very capable, thorough hygeinists.


Richard F

I always have confidence that Dr. Green berg will do what is best foir my teeth and general well being. I am so glad I was referred to him.


Linda C

I am very satisfied with the professional care my family and I have received at Dr. Greenberg's office. Thank you all.


Theresa N

Outstanding care in a professional environment.



Great experience as usual. Thank you.


Sara M

Dr. Greenberg and his team always provide me with world class dental care - both the routine general dental care as well as his brilliant cosmetic dental skills.


William H

My initial visit certainly met my expectations. Professional and friendly treatment from the whole team


Robert R

I had my semi-annual dental cleaning and, as usual, the staff members were all very professional and friendly. I love having my dental work done at Dr. Greenberg's office, because not only is the dental work outstanding, but so are the people who work there. Their caring and concern for my health is appreciated. I would recommend this dental practice to everyone I know, without reservation.


Frank H

I had a great visit as usual. Dr. Greenberg is terrific, and has a terrific group of people working with him.


Rita K

If you have to go to the dentist - and you do - you should all have a dentist like mine, Dr. Joseph Greenber, DMD. The offices in Villanova are beautiful, the staff is extremely skillful, friendly, and very caring. And, I had a great checkup!


Wanda A

I think the office staff is friendly and very proffessional, Dr Greenberg explained everything clearly. I did not enjoy all the news I received but feel that I will be well taken care of by Dr, Greenberg and his staff.


Heather L

Dr Joe has been my dentist for more than twenty-five years. I thank him for all the help those 25 years required of him because of inadequate attention in the past.


Marie B

Dr. Greenberg has done for me what no other dentist was able to accomplish. I have been with him almost four years, and am totally satisfied with everything about his practice.


Rita K

This dental practice delivers care that is second to none. So grateful to be in their care.


Denise J

Dr. Greenberg and his staff are professional, friendly, helpful, accommodating, thorough, and all of the other things one would hope for in a doctor/dentist. My family has been seeing him for years and I strongly recommend him!



I always am impressed by the organization, promptness, cleanliness, professional manner and attention to detail Dr Greenberg and his welcoming staff have always exhibited. I have seen various dentists in practice and never had such perfection and care in the dental process of my exams and cleaning until I had the pleasure of becomming one of Dr Greenberg's patients. You will be one of the fortunate if you are able to be his patient.


Marice B

My appointent with the dental hygienist began on time; the review of general health as well as dental issues was complete and accomplished in a timely manner. Dr. Greenberg came in to review the appointment and to check on a particular tooth; his review as always was complete and done with care and good humor.


Deborah G

Complete, thorough explanation of the problem and treatment which I really appreciated.


Ann S

I have been a patient for 30+years...Dr. Greenberg is an exceptional Prosto/Perio practitioner...along with a wonderful staff; caring and delightful! I am so exstatic to begin full mouth reconstruction, not only to create a beautiful smile; but a very healthy mouth...which as many know assists in promoting good health throughout our bodies...


Tatum G

Dr. Greenberg replaced a very old and large filling for me. The re-drilling exposed part of the tooth nerve which he expertly treated so that I had no pain or symptoms afterward. As always, Dr. Greenberg brings skill, research, and state of the art technology to dental treatment- which I rely on and really trust. Thank you.


Linda G

Thank you so very much for your responsiveness to my emergency situation. Everything is fine, no pain or discomfort. Thank you also for your thoughtfulness and special consideration of my situation. Last but not least, thank you for the excellent work!


Denise J

As always Joe and his staff are consummate professionals. I have been going to Joe for 25 years, and would go anywhere else. BTW my wife has the most beautiful smile in the world, thanks to DMD Joe.


Terry M

Very thorough and professional cleaning. Nothing left unchecked. And you are welcomed like a friend.


Bernard P

I don't like going to the dentist in general - but I have tremendous confidence in Dr. Greenberg and his staff and that helps me relax. I appreciate them so much!



My review covers over 30 years, I have received the best, most current, creative dental care from Dr. Greenberg and his Staff(the best) since my very first yes, surgery, single crowns to entire upper cases, implants with entire lower dental replacement, no problem was too big or too small, he was available, concerned, did I mention kind...over the years, I've been complimented regularly on my smile and teeth ... believing them to be Originals...OK with me...most importantly, I've received warmth, kindness, concern along with the best of care.............


Barbara C

AS USUAL, WONDRFUL WORK BY wENDY,thorough. gentle and great. Great vissit with my favorite dentist. Always a pleasant experience. and don't forget Louise. Always caring and welcoming.


Terra R

Dr Joseph Greenberg and his staff are the example all professional dental offices should strive to attain. From the reminder email prior to your appointment, to beautiful exterior upon arrival, the immaculate, comfortable, well planned interior, the warm welcome from all staff members, the on time and careful exam, consultation, cleaning, and whatever dental work is necessary, the next appointment set up, the payment and conversation to make certain patient has all of the needed product, makes this the diamond of the industry. I highly recommend Dr Greenberg and his staff to all who demand a superior dental experience; not just "chiclets" to constitue teeth. Dr Greenberg is also involved in the teaching aspect of the profession and thus is constantly at the cutting edge of his profession. As a dentist's daughter, I am extremely particular about care of my teeth and would not go to anyone else for my dental care.


Marice B

I was seen on time. Wendy did an expert job. Dr. Greenberg didn't keep me waiting and they both reassured me that my dedicated dental maintenance was paying off.


Lloyd G

Detailed examination. Excellent care in a comfortable environment.



Lovely, peaceful office, convenient location and the best personal service.



Thank you for such a nice experience. The staff was friendly, professional, and so very helpful, my care was exceptional, and my daughter, who was with me, especially enjoyed the brownies and petting your dog, Sawyer.


Alan D

I have the utmost confidence in Dr. G. I'm proud of my smile and most importantly pleased the way he has solved multiple issues through the years from removing old mercury fillings, straightening a few teeth to crowns and veneers.


Christine K

Dr. Greenberg has been taking great care of my smile for many years. He and his staff have gone above and beyond to also take care of some very difficult issues with my teenage son's teeth. We will both forever be grateful. Expertise at this level is rare.


Gillian Hurt



Raymond A

always excellent..from proceedures to office fun!!!!!!sawyer is the best!!!!


Beth T

Holly, as always did a great job. She is pleasant and professional.


Nancy H

Very good experience overall. The office was clean and professional.



It was great. I really liked the new Hygienist. Still hate the ride to get there.


Vincent C

Wendy was knowledgeable and professional, as usual. I appreciated her time management in beginning at the scheduled time and finishing in an hour.


Don G

I had a cracked tooth that silently for weeks was causing an infection. Dr. Green berg's determination to act immediately once it became suspicious saved me from a dental implant. Yeah!



I visited Dr. Greenberg's office for my semi-annual checkup, and once again had a very pleasant and comfortable dental experience. The entire staff there made me feel like I was visiting old friends, and the dental care is without equal. I am looking forward to my next visit (just imagine saying that about going to the dentist!)


Frank H

Dr. Greenberg has experience. He told me things that are valuable backed up by research, things my old dentist failed to mention. He showed me things about my teeth that my old dentist failed to understand. It's remarkable what it a difference it can be to have someone both experienced and kind on your side when you have a dental issue.


Will W

The entire staff consistently provides stellar patient care! Additionally, Dr. ?G? addresses my questions and concerns within 24 hours.


Joanne F

I have been having my teeth taken care of by Dr. Greenberg and his staff for about 30 years. My teeth are very important to me, and I have complete confidence that I will get the very best care possible. As a bonus, everyone is very pleasant as well as professional.


Kim Y

DR G. Thanks so much for quick " help " on my rescue from an angry bagel. As one of your anxious, nervous dental patients I appreciate your calm helpful manner in hopefully saving the day with my new temporary crown . Very best regards 


Tom Heenan

Wendy's great, Louise is a doll, Diane and Sawyer are very sweet, and Dr. Joe nicely makes sure that I'm O.K.


Rita K

Dr. Greenberg - Thank you so much for saving my tooth! Dr. Greenberg is so kind, attentive and professional, not to mention an incredible dentist. I really love being his patient. I'm so glad I found the best dentist in the area, if not the state or even country. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone that is looking for a quality dentist.


Elina B

Combine the BEST dentist in the world with the most competant and welcoming staff of joyful professionals in a unique and beautiful location. It is a blessing to go there. They make my teeth happy!!


Megan I

Wendy was great as usual. I am always very impressed by everyone at this office.


Rita K

they were ready for me in a timely fashion. The office is immaculate. no complaints! :)


Hillary N

When I go to your office I am confident that I will receive excellent expertise in treatment. I can rely on the professionalism and friendliness of your staff. Thanks for being a dentist I can rely on.


Eleanor B

My was adjusted 3 months ago it has not felt that comfortable for 35 years.



I am a most specific dental patient with a keen eye for teeth. Perhaps as the daughter of a dentist? Dr Joseph Greenberg has the special qualities of superior knowledge & hands on ability, & willingness to listen to the patient and try to accomodate the emotional and dental needs. A most difficult task, yet one he excells in. His work is stellar and his staff is excellent. I recommend this practice, in a beautiful, clean setting to all.


Marice B

My appointent with the dental hygienist began on time; the review of general health as well as dental issues was complete and accomplished in a timely manner. Dr. Greenberg came in to review the appointment and to check on a particular tooth; his review as always was complete and done with care and good humor.


Deborah G

Dr. Greenberg and his staff have been taking top notch care of my dental investment for decades. I particularly value the friendly, professional and scientifically current care that is always provided, even in an emergency. Mascot-dog Sawyer is a great addition!


Nancy F

My appointment at Dr. Greenberg?s office was truly a wonderful experience.


Bryan F

My first visits here have been marvelous. This is 'care' in the real sense of the word. Extremely pleasant, informative, professional, and important!



It is always a pleasure when I visit Dr. Greenberg's office. The office staff and hygienists are THE BEST. I feel very comfortable and welcome. Thanks!!


Caren M

I've been going to Dr. Greenberg's practice for 6 years now. The hygienists are top not notch, skilled professionals who make the experience very easy and always provide useful information about mouth care. The entire staff is friendly and welcoming and always spend the time getting to know you. The practice is nicely academic-driven with focus on new technologies/clinical practice in dental health care. Dr. Greenberg is an amazing practitioner and is one of the few people I trust to hold a drill or needle to my mouth! He expertly replaced fillings quickly and painlessly for me. Highly recommend this practice for excellent care!



Dr Greenberg & his staff have taken wonderful care of my teeth. I needed some alignment which was corrected with invisalign. I was carefully monitered at all appointments, with a beautiful result. Their education for follow up care is easy to execute with products available should one care to purchase. All work is done in a professional, clean, comfortable, accessable enviornment. One would be fortunate to have Dr Greenberg as their dentist.


Marice B

continue to do what you are doing---with the friendliness and courtesy of the Staff and the professionalism of the hygienists and dentist alike.


Jan D

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