Laser Assisted Periodontal/Gum Treatments

As a Certified Specialist in Periodontics from the University of Pennsylvania Post-Doctoral Program, I am trained to diagnose and treat Periodontal Diseases.  Current Dental Science has focused us to concentrate on active/progressive forms of this common, often painless but very destructive disease.  Yes, gum disease does run in families but disease initiated gum recession and bone loss requires the presence of infective bacteria.  Deep scaling, root planning and most gum surgery is intent on disrupting the bacterial colonies and thereby exposing them to medications and/or our body’s defenses.  But, it is often difficult to get rid of all the bad bacteria in this manner.

The use of a soft tissue laser in the infected area may enhance the killing of these bacteria and with less surgical trauma to the patient.  So, treatment is more effective and healing is faster and more comfortable.   We can perform that service for our patients who need it.

A new and exciting use of this soft tissue sculpting laser is to re shape the gum margin of a front tooth to a more esthetically pleasing position.  This is often called a “gum lift”.  It allows my patient to show more tooth and less gum, when it is correct to do so.  Science has confirmed that an attractively proportioned upper front tooth has a 78% width to length ratio.  The soft tissue sculpting laser gives us a wonderful tool to obtain that tooth proportion nearly every time.  It is quick and relatively painless.

Please see some examples here.