Invisible Braces

Teeth that are unattractive or poorly functional because they are badly out of alignment, really should be straightened by some Orthodontic means.

There are many new modalities of treatment in Orthodontics today and I am proud to work in partnership with some of the best Orthodontists around to help my patients get the right treatment.

I myself have considerable training and experience in bite issues and orthodontics and, if best for my patient, I will perform limited orthodontics for them.

Most often this employs a series of clear appliances like Clear Aligners, Clear Correct, or the Raintree Essix systems.

Case: Ms. SK

Dr’s Comment: Incisal edges worn into unattractive “reverse smile line” and excessive labial inclination of upper and lower incisors (“bucked out”). Straightening of incisor inclination with Invisalign appliances and lengthening of upper incisors with bonded restorations.

Case: Ms. KM

Dr’s Comment: Excessive labial inclination of upper incisors with mild crowding. Straightening of incisor inclination and correction of crowding with Invisalign appliances (approx. 6 months)

Case: Ms. KM

Dr’s Comment: This patient had always wanted to have his teeth straightened, but his parents were unable to afford it. Now he was able to pay for it himself. Severe crowding of upper incisors yet treatment was completed with removable invisalign appliances aided by careful re-shaping of the sides of all 6 upper incisors. treatment time 8 months.