Dental Hygiene Health & Wellness

Dental hygienist showing a patient the right way to brush teeth with model

 A Dental Hygiene Prophylaxis in our office is called a Dental Hygiene Wellness Visit.

It is perhaps the most important service we provide. It can truly make your life better!
It is a full hour appointment in our office and includes the services listed below.
A new and very important addition to our list is the Bleeding Upon (gentle) Probing score.
Newly published information describes a consistent relationship between the number of BUP sites and cardiovascular risk.
The first instrumentation that our licensed Dental Hygienists perform in our patient’s mouth is the BUP score.

The Dental Hygiene Wellness visit is designed to support and preserve a patient’s high level of health.
It’s the opportunity for our practice professionals to share new personal oral health and nutrition information and look carefully for any signs of breakdown.
Bleeding gum tissues (BUP of 9 or more), heavy plaque and calculus (tartar) deposits are signs of infection/disease and require treatment, not preservation.
We rarely see these at our Dental Hygiene Wellness Visits.

Dental Hygiene Wellness Visit

  • Medical History Review and Update
  • Oral Cancer Screening
  • Score for Bleeding Upon Probing sites
  • Periodontal Exam and Chart
  • Dental Scaling/Polishing
  • Coaching in Personal Biofilm Control
  • Photographic Documentation
  • X-ray Examination/Documentation
  • Application of Medicaments as needed: Anti-infectives, Fluorides, Sealants
  • Recommendations for toothpastes, oral hygiene aids, mouthrinses
Dental hygienist showing patient how to brush at villanova dental group