Dental Crowns and Bridges

Much of our work involves making custom shaped crowns and bridges to replace missing teeth, completely re-cover badly broken down or disfigured teeth, or replace tired old dental crowns and bridges.

The ones we make most often are “fixed” by strong cements, not "removable", and use natural teeth as support abutments/anchors.

We design them to look, feel and function as well as (or better than, in some cases) natural teeth.

When natural abutment teeth are used to support a crown or fixed bridge, the patient retains the ability to “feel” fine objects in the mouth, and to sense when biting pressures may be hard or soft.

This delicate sensory capacity that teeth exhibit is called "proprioception".

Case: Mrs. LG

Dr.’s Comment: This patient had a badly disfigured front tooth which had been filled many times. She wanted her left front tooth to look just like the one on her right side. First we agreed that she should whiten all the upper teeth so that the final result would be enhanced. She did take home tray whitening first and then the new crown was made.

Case: Mrs. RM

Dr.’s Comment: a) 5 poorly shaped front teeth that slant against the patient’s facial symmetry. The infected left lateral incisor will be extracted. b) 5 unit all ceramic bridgework with balanced tooth proportions and in harmony with facial symmetry.

Case: Mrs. SC

Dr.’s Comment: a) Poorly shaped, darkly shaded dental fixed bridge. b) Our replacement with brighter shade, smile enhancing composition. The 6 upper teeth are splinted (connected).

Case: Mrs. SS

Dr.’s Comment: Replacement of old complete splinted fixed dental bridgework with new one and restoring youthful length and color.

Case: Dr. JB

Dr.’s Comment: Old, worn out fillings with tooth decay of the lower 6 front teeth. These have been restored with custom porcelain fused to gold crowns. The patient wanted a natural look for his teeth.

Dr. DG, Single all ceramic crown.

Mr. HG, Single all ceramic crown.

Ms. KD, 6 new custom all ceramic crowns.

Ms. MB complete new upper crowns.