Custom Porcelain Laminate Veneers

I very much enjoy making custom Porcelain Laminate Veneers for my patients who have strong but discolored, broken or malformed natural teeth.

Much of the excitement comes from the partnership I have formed with an extraordinary “world class” dental ceramist who makes these egg shell thin pieces of pressed or fired ceramic that fuse onto the tooh surface with special bonding agents and cements, and transform them into astounding examples of natural vitality.

The bright new smiles are almost always beyond expectations!

Case: Ms. JL

Dr’s Comment: This patient had 6 uneven, unattractive natural teeth and did not wish to have Orthodontic Treatment. Careful study, measurements and tooth preparation allowed for the teeth to be straightened with just porcelain veneers.

Case: Mr. DP

Dr’s Comment: This patient’s wife finally motivated him to have porcelain laminate veneers made for his darkly stained, chipped 6 upper front teeth. Now he can’t stop smiling…and thanking her!

Case: Ms. NJ

Dr’s Comment: This young patient’s natural teeth were too narrow and short for the dimensions of her face and smile. With some selective laser gum surgery and guided by biometric proportion gauges, we can predictably improve on Nature.

Case: Ms. TM

Dr’s Comment: This attractive woman lived with darkly stained teeth for too many years. We suspect the staining was due to her taking tetracycline antibiotics as a young child. Now, after 8 porcelain laminate veneers she is delighted to show off her bright smile!

Case: Mrs. HM

Case: Mrs. DL

Case: Mrs. JF

Case: Ms. BC

Case: Mrs. JS